St Mary’s, Black Torrington

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The inscriptions on the bells are as follows, together with the diameters, notes and weights.

Bell no.       Inscription                                Weight            Diameter  

1st treble     John Pennington 1772              4cwts 26lbs         27.75 ins

2nd             John Pennington 1772              4cwts 1qtr 20lbs   29 ins

3rd              John Pennington 1772             4cwts 3qtrs10lbs   30.5 ins

4th              C & G Mears, London 1856.      5cwts 1qtr 10lbs   32.625 ins

5th              John Pennington 1772
                 Charles Burdon gent.

 Humphry Braund churchwarden.  6cwts 2qtrs 23lbs  36 ins

6th tenor     C & G Mears, London 1856.        8cwts 3qtrs 9lbs    39.75 ins