Christian Love in Action

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On 14 December, there was a special Christmas Saturday Church when Part 1 of the Nativity story was told and acted. We even had a well-behaved donkey, ridden by Mary. Here is a picture taken before the play started:



Part 2 of the story will take place in January’s Saturday Church.

Would you like to be a volunteer?

Probably not ….but…..

As you read this, Kathy & Peter will have retired and Mark & Rose will also have moved on for Mark to take up his new role. Sadly this will deplete us in some important areas  of the life of the church in the community.

We are therefore seeking a number of people to help out and cover some of their roles.

One area is the school assemblies that take place semi-regularly. You would not have to commit to attending every time—just when you can.

Another area is the Pastoral team, from which we have also lost Sue & David Whitehead, who have recently re-located. I generally describe our work here as being a good neighbour and it includes welcoming new people to our villages. However, there are times when something more is required and this can be flagged for follow-up as necessary.

I am co-ordinating both these areas and would love to have a chat with you if you feel you might be able to help—even in a small way! Please contact me below in confidence and without obligation.


Sandra Holland / 01409 281128

Our very popular Saturday Church has now been running for more than 5 years. Do try and come to the next one, on the 15 February 2020. Please click HERE for a link to the poster with more details. We very much hope you can join us.

Circulating of Photographs

We respectfully ask that photographs of persons at our Church activities, are not circulated or uploaded to social media including Facebook, unless you have sought the prior permission of those in the photograph.

If you are in any doubt please speak with the Parish Secretary or Churchwarden.

Thank-you for your assistance in protecting and safeguarding all persons in our care, including the young and the vulnerable.