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Our 3rd birthday celebration - 9 September 2017

We had a brilliant attendance for our special day - with friends old and new joining us for the fun! It was lovely to welcome a couple of new families to this event as well as many who have regularly supported this very informal and special monthly “happening”.

We couldn’t resist introducing  a “messy” activity to get the ball rolling and, as seen in the picture to  the left, young and old were happy to take part, with some special support…..

…...........................and, introducing the special birthday cake!


Saturday Church – ‘Reports’

It was always with a sinking heart that I watched,  avoided watching my parents open and read my school report, at roughly this time of year. So it’s doubly pleasurable to include two ‘reports’, so called by their authors, Dan and Nick Kulisa, on their experience of Saturday Church. I hope reading them will give you as much pleasure as if did to the team who enable these lovely gatherings to take place.

Saturday Church Report

I currently volunteer at a Saturday Church event on the second Saturday every month. During this event my main duties include setting up and taking down, helping the kids and their parents with the arts and crafts, and tidying up at the end if required. I enjoy the event because it’s nice helping the kids and adults out, meeting new people and making a contribution to the local community. I started joining Saturday Church in February 2015 to the present time and I’m still going.

Overall I have met some lovely people at the event and made some new friends. I would like to thank Sandra for offering me this.

Written by Nick Kulisa


My Report on Saturday Church

I am a current volunteer and full member of Saturday Church. I am really enjoying this event and I’m learning about different religious events. I help set up by setting up tables, chairs and fun activities and then taking them down when finished. I have met a lot of new people, including young families, and they have made me feel welcome. I help and assist the kids in the activities and I even take part in the activities myself. I join in the hymn singing and games too.

Recently at Saturday Church (May 2016), they did a story on the “Temple of Jerusalem”, and described exactly what the temple looked like and its purpose. I then took part in a game with my team and I had to answer questions correctly to create and fill in a jigsaw puzzle (all based on the Temple in Jerusalem) – my team and I won this game. I then browsed through newspapers fining and cutting out headlines in which the Saturday Church attendees can choose a headline and make a prayer of it – I again partook in this. Towards the end I did some hymn singing and then finished off with a cup of tea and a mini chocolate cake.

Overall I am thoroughly enjoying Saturday Church, and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Written by Dan Kulisa

Many thanks, Dan and Nick, for all that you bring to all that we do.     Morag

Our Saturday Church is now well-established and proving to be very popular with children and adults alike. It is held on the second Saturday of each month. Follow this L I N K for full details.

The Christmas church will be a special event. Look out for further details soon.