The church of the Holy Cross, Highampton

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The belfry houses three bells. Two of these are the original 15th Century bells. The cannons have been removed and elm headstocks and wheels fitted. They have been rehung in cast-iron frames and are in good condition.

The bellringer's art is timeless and many men have rung the bells of Holy Cross in the past seven hundred years and I honour them. God bless all bellringers past, present and future.

John Baker, April 2003

Bell no.                                 Inscription                                                              Diameter    Weight

1st treble  Dates from 15th century.
              Est michi collatum ihs istud namen amatum

              (To me is given the beloved name of Jesus)                                               29 ins  

2nd          IT of Exeter, circa 1440.
              Plebs ois plaudit uit me tam sepius audit

              (All people rejoice when they hear my voice)                                              32.25 ins  

3rd tenor   Dates from 1555.
              GA BI EL MI CA EL, which is ecclesiastical shorthand for the archangels

              Gabriel and Michael.                                                                                34.55 ins    7cwts