St Peter's, Thornbury

St Peter’s, Thornbury

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St Mary's, Black Torrington All Saints, Bradford St John and the Seven Maccabies, Coolbury The Holy Cross, Highampton St Peter's, Thornbury St Mary's, Black Torrington All Saints, Bradford St John, Cookbury  Highampton church, Holy Cross

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Black Torrington






The Churchwarden is: David Whitehead

Coming soon:

Thornbury Coffee Morning - 4 August

Thornbury Pudding Event: 3 p.m. 19 August


Circulating of Photographs

We respectfully ask that photographs of persons at our Church activities, are not circulated or uploaded to social media including Facebook, unless you have sought the prior permission of those in the photograph.

If you are in any doubt please speak with the Revd. Preb. Kathy Roberts.

Thank-you for your assistance in protecting and safeguarding all persons in our care, including the young and the vulnerable.