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Black Torrington Benefice Services in August 2018

Services at parish church unless otherwise indicated

Thursday 2nd August

8.15 am Highampton Morning Prayer

8.30 am Highampton Silent Prayer

9.00 am Highampton Iona Holy Communion


Saturday 4th August

6.30 pm Black Torrington Holy Communion

7.00 pm Black Torrington Compline

Sunday 5th August

10.30 am Thornbury Holy Communion

6.30 pm Black Torrington Iona Holy Communion

Thursday 9th August

8.15 am Bradford Morning Prayer

8.30 am Bradford Silent Prayer

9.00 am Bradford Iona Holy Communion


Saturday 11th August

10.00 am Bradford Village Hall Saturday Church followed by

Holy Communion

7.00 pm Thornbury Compline

Sunday 12th August

10.30 am Black Torrington Holy Communion

6.30 pm Highampton Informal Service


Wednesday 15th August

7.00 pm Black Torrington Patronal Service

Saturday 18th August

6.30 pm Highampton Holy Communion

7.00 pm Highampton Compline

Sunday 19th August

10.30 am Bradford Holy Communion

Thursday 23rd August

8.15 am Black Torrington Morning Prayer

8.30 am Black Torrington Silent Prayer

9.00 am Black Torrington Iona Holy Communion

Saturday 25th August

6.30 pm Bradford Holy Communion

7.00 pm Bradford Compline

Sunday 26th August

10.30 am Thornbury Holy Communion

6.30 pm Highampton Holy Communion

Thursday 30th August

8.15 am Cookbury Morning Prayer

8.30 am Cookbury Silent Prayer

9.00 am Cookbury Holy Communion

Every week

Monday and Wednesday

Morning Prayer

8.00 am St Mary’s, Black Torrington


Prayer Breakfast

8.00 am The Rectory, Black Torrington

St Mary’s Church Patronal Service

Wednesday 15th August, 7.00pm

You are warmly invited to join us at our

Patronal Service, to celebrate the life of the church in our Parish.

Cheese and Wine will be served after the service